Rayonics Technology

Smart Lock, Hotel Lock, Electronic Cylinder, China Manufacturer

Ningbo Rayonics Technology Co., Ltd. (Rayonics) was established in 2007, based in Ningbo, the harbor city of China. Rayonics researches and develops, also manufactures mainly Electronic Access Control System.

Rayonics makes security products and provides security services and solutions for offices & commercial buildings, hotels, educational institutions, and hospitals. Based on IoT, cloud platform, large data and other latest technologies, Rayonics’ hardware and software can be networked to provide real-time intelligence and instant control.


Our Philosophy

Our Products

electronic industrial lock system

One electronic key can safely open thousands of locks and all events can be recorded and traced in the software. Specific time unlocking is supported.

industrial padlock system

The smart key will supply power to the padlock. If both codes are matched correct, the lock will be opened. Waterproof and perfect for outdoor use.

smart hotel office lock

There are three ways of unlocking, swipe card, pincode and bluetooh. Software and APP managements make it inteligent and convenient.

electronic cylinder

Replace the traditional mechanical cylinder quickly, friendly used in hotel, office, B&B etc. Our Germany quality cylinder is far better than other competitors.

software and APP

All smart locks are inteligently managed though our software KMS and LMS Professional and APP evoKey, that is completely designed by Rayonics.

smart hotel handle lock

This lock is easy used to update your existing hotel, motel and office door locks. Our agents installed more than one hundred thousand of this lock in Europe.

key management system

It adopts face and pincode recognitions and computer interaction technology to realize the authorized access and return of keys, locks and belongings.

smart lock box

Integrated our software, the only two things you have to do is placing the key or card in the box, then set the password, you will never be locked out again.

IoT lock system

The lock has a battery inside and can respones to cloud software or APP via NB-IoT, CAT1, LoRa, GPRS, 4G, etc. It’s a real-time monitoring system.

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