Project Description

European Narrow Handle


Rayonics is the leading supplier to manufacture this smart key card door lock for hotels. It replaces existing door furniture quickly and easily without the need to purchase new locking devices. This combined with the wire-free concept ensure a cost effective solution to access control system. Evoxs E-Handles are produced a range of finishes and lever styles which complement modern working environments. Tested to EN standards for durability. The E-Handles offer a secure low maintenance solution to access control system.

It is widely used for hotels, office, B&B, hospitals, schools, gymnasiums, apartment, commercial buildings and other public communities.

This smart key card door lock for hotels is specially designed to fit most Euro profile interior doors, especially for narrow frames doors, which is smart, secure and simply for installation.

How to unlock the smart lock?


  1. Use the swipe Mifare card to open the door in a second.
  2. Use your mobile phone bluetooth via Evokey APP to open the door in several seconds.
  3. With the additional passwords keypad, simply put right codes to open the door.
  • Housing Material: Stainless steel 304 and ABS reader
  • Door thickness: 35mm- 120mm
  • Handle Spindle: 7mm, 7.6mm, 8mm, 8.5mm, 9mm
  • Handle rotation: >60°
  • Distance between keyhole to handle : 70mm,72mm,85mm,90mm, 92mm and also can be customized
  • Battery: 1 x CR123 Lithium batterie;
  • Low batery power alarm: <80%
  • Battery life: 2 years standby, 1 year using if 10 operations per day
  • Card types: MIFARE S560
  • Bluetooth type: Bluetooth 4.0 or higher mobile phones
  • Bluetooth comminication distance: <10m
  • Events: 500, memory is not deleted, even if power falls
  • Working temperature: -20ºC – 60ºC (depending on the battery)
  • Operation humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
  • IP class: IP55
  1. Extensive range – E-Handle is available in various colour finishes, with a vast range of profile types and dimensions. The high quality range ensures maximum flexibility.
  2. Easy installation – Quick and easy retrofit installation. No drilling or wire connections nedded ensuring installation is completed in minutes.
  3. User friendly – Designed with an intuitive APP layout ensuring quick and easy configuration and maintenance.
  4. Maintenance free – Upgradeable without being removed from the door and designed with a quick change battery compartment. This product is truly maintenance free. Fitted with a series of sensors, maintenance diagnostics is achieved without handle set removal.
  5. High realiable – Simple modular design complete with independent clutched lever ensures maximum strength and durability.
  6. Multi-unlocking methods – The E-Handles can be opened through different ways.


Different Levels



Test – Comprehensive testing according to EN 14846
The above strict tests assure our best quality and reputation
Category of use Duability Door mass and closing force Fire & Smoke Safety Corrosion Resistance Security Security-electrical function Security-electrical manipulation
3 X 9 F 0 L 3 1 3