Project Description

Model: RESC-S03-XXX


The intelligent manhole cover management and monitoring system proposed by Rayonics adopts an advanced management and monitoring cloud platform. For manhole covers using sensor monitoring and smart lock control, combined with big data technology, unified scheduling inspection and maintenance, construction operations, alarm processing, etc. Work process, realize all-round grid management of process, personnel, and equipment, and improve work efficiency. The system can also be extended to access smart devices for outdoor resource management such as optical transmission boxes, poles, towers, and functional posts.

The product form of the system can be modularized and combined with the actual flexible structure, providing reliable technology and application guarantee for outdoor public safety management such as manholes, significantly improving the response speed of dealing with manhole cover problems, and contributing to reducing the occurrence of manhole cover safety accidents.


Rayonics three-pronged manhole cover lock can be unlocked by Bluetooth mobile phone and Bluetooth key, and the door status and lock status can be uploaded to the server via Bluetooth or NB network. To unlock the lock using a Bluetooth mobile phone, you need to connect to the server before unlocking, download the data to the phone, and unlock the lock through Bluetooth communication with the lock; to unlock the lock with a Bluetooth key, you need to obtain permission from the Bluetooth mobile phone that has been connected to the server before unlocking, and pass the lock Physical contact unlocking; when using a Bluetooth mobile phone, when the unlock command is sent, the lock blue light is on, and when the blue light is on, press the lock handle down to open the door; when using the Bluetooth key to unlock, when the key is inserted into the key hole, the key is turned on The buzzer beeps once, then turn the key to unlock and open the door. The door opening and closing status is uploaded to the server within 1 minute.

Smart Manhole System

  • Power supply: DC3.6V;
  • Control method: Bluetooth communication;
  • Network function: NB-IOT or Bluetooth; working voltage: 3.6V (battery); quiescent current: <10OuA; battery life:> 2 years; water resistance: IP68;
  • Lightning resistance: GB9254-1998 GB17625.1-1998 standard.
  1. With Bluetooth mobile phone unlocking function, the mobile phone unlocking authority is controlled through the remote server;
  2. In an emergency, you can use the Bluetooth key to unlock;
  3. Add the door sensor signal, which is subject to the normally closed type, to further ensure safety; with light prompts;
  4. NB upload the door lock status;
  5. Built-in temperature sensor to monitor indoor temperature;
  6. Using low-power Bluetooth, the power consumption is extremely low.
  7. Protection level: The internal chip adopts closed technology, and the outdoor rainproof and dustproof level reaches IP68 (lock cylinder inner liner)
  8. Certification testing: meet the requirements of IEC/EN62368-1