Project Description



The handset encoder (optional smart-phone replacement) is the communication medium between software, keys and locks, it can help lock installation, lock setting and key collect data. Also it is an Android PDA which can provide nice experience and safety synchronous data function.


  • Dimension: 146mm x 76mm x 16mm
  • Weight: 255g
  • Battery Capacity: 4650Mah lithium polymer battery
  • Reading distance: <3m
  • Maximum events: Unlimited
  • Bluetooth write permission rate: 20/ second
  • NFC write permission rate: 80/ second
  • Operation Temperature: -20ºC -50ºC
  • Storage Temperature: -20ºC -70ºC
  • Storage Temperature: 5ºC – 95ºC RH
  1. GPS Positioning function to expand various applications in combination with different scenarios
  2. NFC: Support NFC communication, can communicate with NFC key
  3. PSAM: Support BLE4.0 can communication with bluetooth key
  4. Bluetooth Search and connect only the bluetooth key nearby, fast, safe and reliable
  5. 4G Support 4G and WIFI
  6. QR code scanning through QR code
  7. Support voice broadcast interaction
  8. Low power LED lighting, can be used as a flashlight
  9. Support various lock management, key and card setting
  10. Provide secondary development interface and technical support to meet the needs of multiple industris remands
  11. Charger and DC charging cable can be provided as required

handset encoder drawing

Test – Comprehensive testing according to CE & RoHS