Europe Cylinder

Electronic Knob Cylinder

Replace the traditional mechanical cylinder quickly easily as it is wiring free and using same cylinder hole with mechanical one. We supply basically all countries’ different standard electronic cylinders, including European Profile Cylinder, UK Oval Cylinder, Swiss Profile Cylinder, Scandinavan Oval Cylinder, ANSI Rim Cylinder, ANSI Mortise Cylinder, Australian Oval Cylinder.

Padlock with Cylinder

Electronic Padlock Cylinder

The smart padlock has the advantages of electronic access control, enabling users to benefit from the flexibility of padlock applications. At the same time, it presents the form of an electronic padlock. This product uses a double-bead single-spring locking mechanism; it can support
existing technology platforms. No hardware changes arerequired to meet modern access control systems.

Glassdoor Lock Cylinder

Electronic Glass Door Lock Cylinder

Glassdoor Lock with Cylinder is suitable for 12, 15, 18, 20, 22mm thickness glass doors. Clip-on glass door locks, combined with custom lock cylinder, form a complete glass door lock solution, free of openings, and control knobs on only one side, which are often used in aisle glass door applications. It can support existing technology platforms without changing hardware to meet modern access control systems.

USA Australia Cylinder

Electronic Camlock Cylinder

Suitable for most cabinets or boxes door lock cylinders. It is free of wiring and drilling and can easily replaces tradition mechanical key operated cylinder with no modification required to the existing look which is perfect solution for replacement installation.