At this stage, with the continuous popularity of smart locks , everyone ’s understanding of smart locks is not unfamiliar. However, in fact, most people still have a vague understanding of smart locks. Therefore, there are more and more questions about smart locks. Among them, there is a question that consumers are worried about, that is, “A smart lock equipped with a lock core is still safe?” This is why we often hear consumers say that smart locks are the same as traditional mechanical locks. If you use a key to open the lock, can’t the thief also pick the lock? How is it safer than traditional mechanical locks?

Regarding this problem, many smart lock manufacturers or smart lock merchants will tell us: “This is a national regulation to ensure that the lock can be unlocked even in the event of a power failure, and to avoid unnecessary security incidents.” Then, for everyone, Ningbo Rayonics IOT will briefly introduce the three benefits of smart locks.

1. The keyhole position of the smart lock is generally relatively secret and will not be easily found. Of course, this is not a solution to the security problem. Although it can increase the thief’s unlocking time a bit, but with the development of smart locks Popularity, I believe that this time will be reduced to the same time as finding a mechanical lock keyhole by a thief.

2. The fingerprint, password, swipe card and other unlocking methods mainly used by smart locks, basically do not use the key to unlock, basically make the key reach zero exposure, which can prevent the key from being copied, and at the same time, it solves the previous fear of decoration The worry of workers and nanny copying keys privately reduces the risk of family theft.

3. Smart locks basically have their own anti-theft alarm function. When a criminal picks the lock, it will immediately trigger the anti-theft alarm system of the smart lock. The smart lock will emit a loud alarm sound to scare away the thief, and it will also alarm the time. The information is pushed to the user’s mobile APP to help the user grasp the security status of the home door lock in real time.

The safety of the lock cylinder is directly related to the anti-theft level of the lock cylinder. As a high-tech product based on the improvement of mechanical locks, smart locks have made a series of targeted safety precautions by using scientific and technological means. , Not only can make our family door locks more secure, but also make our lives more convenient, and make our family environment more fashionable. Therefore, I hope to help everyone with the above content.

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