Standard Cylinders

More than one hundred collections for your choose, including most popular European profiles, Ansi cylinder etc. European profile cylinders are available, as half cylinders, single cylinders anddouble cylinders.

Industrial Padlocks

With plastic cover for water, dust and corrosion surface protection, the evoxs padlocks can be widely applied to normal doors, logistics, warehouse and other places which need to centralized management.

Cabinet Locks

Evoxs cabinet locks are popular in all kinds of cabinet´╝îsuchas electrical cabinets´╝îTelecommunication cabinets, trafficcabinets, gas cabinets, water cabinets and many more.

custom lock cylinders

Custom Cylinders

More than 140 kinds of custome lock cylinders are available at this moment. For specific project we support customized versions. We can design all lock housings which matches the e-plug requirements.

Smart Keys

Smart Keys

The Electronic Smart Keys can be divided into programmable key and user key. The user key uses our new bluetooth and NFC technologies to be encripted via our local encoder and is protected by high encription AES128 to ensure the security.