With our access control system, we are committed to providing your company the best and most efficient methods of controlling your day-to-day operations with solutions to ease your key storage and lock control issues. We offer industrial passive locks, residential locks and key management cabinet for almost any number of keys, and we serve any industry that has keys and locks to control and manage. See some of the industries we work with below. Click on any of the profiles below to learn more about how Key/Lock Systems is integral to each industry’s success, and how our products are used in each.

Commercial and Residential Application →

The home application door control system ensures the safety of apartment houses, stairs and other public areas, and the management of a unified platform ensures that the application of locks is maintained at the highest level.

Hotel Access Solutions →

Our system allow hotel client to control all access and management with one user friendly system. It suits countryside small hotel, chain hoteland other sizes. These solution features make it easy to control all the offline and online guest rooms with the help of the lock solution.

Business Enterprise Access Solutions →

Increasing demands of efficient and effective workspace for saving management costs, many organizations are optimizing their workspace usability without assigning fixed workstation for everybody.