Project Description

Model: REIB-B16-001


With our KMS software management, hundreds of electronic Smart Electronic Hockey Puck Lock can be unlocked by only one master key or several user keys. lt can be applied in public utilities such as Electric Power, Telecommunications, Transportation and other industries, which not only upgrade from traditional mechanical locks to intelligent locks, but also establish the public outdoor facilities smart management system.

Rayoncis is closely working with a number of international and domestic partners, and the products and smart management system haven been in service in many different industries and different countries.
passive electronic lock use
Taking its own software as backstage, the Smart Electronic Hockey Puck Lock cooperates with encoder to complete the keys and locks setting. When a key is inserted into lock, the power is supplied, meanwhile the verified information in the key issubmitted, the lock microprocessor and key chips will verify each other to achieve unlock purpose, at the same time, the information such as the lock time, the event can be uploaded to the key.

How does it work?

key and lock communication

  1. Key is inserted to provide power for the lock
  2. The lock sends encrypted data to wake up the key
  3. The key answers with encrypted code to the lock
  4. The lock returns confirmation command to the key
  5. The key sends (open, get list…) command to lock
  6.  Lock opens
  • Material: 45#Steel & Stainless Steel & Brass
  • Surface Treatment:  chrome plating
  • Dimensions: φ79*44mm
  • Working Environment: Temperature (-40ºC~+80ºC)  Humidity (20%~97%)
  • Torque resistance of cylinder: 15Nm
  • Pulling resistance of handle: 15kN
  • Torque resistance of handle: 40Nm
  • Anti-Riot Capacity: Anti-technical open, anti-riot open
  • Lifespan: Opening more than 100000 times
  • IP Grade: IP68
  1. With no batteries and maintenance-free.
  2. Opening permission can be set after installation according to individual demand.
  3. The key adopt digital encryption authentication technology which cannot be copied.
  4. The records can be tracked and easy to extend.
  5. Support multiple management requirements and management pattern extensions.
  6. Various methods to deal with the key lost.
  7. Can realize one key management and information traceability.
  8. Strong corrosion resistance, salt spray test can resist more than 96h.
  9. Electrostatic protection: 15KV non-contact electrostatic or 8KV contact electrostatic.

passive electronic lock features



The above strict tests assure our best quality and reputation
Certificates Industry Test IP Test Fire Test Anti-Corrosion Test Life Test
CE, RoHS EN 15684 IP68 EN 1634 30 Minutes Salt Spray 96 Hours 1000,000 Full Cycles